[ODE] Scientific modelling of a runner

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Hi Martin,

You might want to talk to Jason Malios,
jmallios at cs.brown.edu , who has tried to do a similar
thing. That is take key frame data and mix it with
physics based inverse kinimetics (ode). Search his
name on the pipermail usergroup for ode.

As far as your basic question, which is, can a physics
engine model human movement, well much has been
written about that :-).

Forgive me if I suggest you are naive, but you must
understand the considerable difficulty in such
modelling. NO ONE has done it before, otherwise we
would see animotronic humans roaming the earth. Yes a
few people have simulated bipedal movement, see Russ
Smith PHD thesis on the Fox Controller. However SMOOTH
simulation of human bipedal movement is far in the
future I am affraid.

I only say this in cautioning you to the complexity of
the problem you seem eager to undertake.

Best of Luck,

John Nilson

--- Martin Baeker <martin.baeker at tu-bs.de> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am currently doing some research on the
> biomechanics of
> running. Specially, I am looking for a tool which
> allows to input
> several "snapshots" from a motion capture and to get
> as an output the
> necessary forces to drive this motion. From what I
> read in the manual,
> I suspect this is possible with ODE.
> My basic question therefore is, whether ODE is a
> good choice for this
> kind of calculations. Is it possible to get at the
> reaction forces
> needed to produce a constrained movement? Are there
> any simple test
> programs I could look at to see how this might be
> done?
> Thanks for any help,
> Martin.
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