[ODE] Kinematic objects

Geoff Carlton gcarlton at iinet.net.au
Mon Oct 31 09:26:19 MST 2005

Piotr Obrzut wrote:

>2) use last and next position (and time delta between them) of
>non-dynamic object to get respective velocity change
>(accelaration in result)
I don't think using an ODE body is the way to go here.  To affect other 
"real" bodies, just create collisions with the world (against a null body).

You don't need to simulate the accelaration of a kinematic body, just 
its instanteous velocity at each contact point.  These can then be 
translated into components for the contact joint parameters: motion1, 
motion2 and motionN.

You may have to add support for motionN, it has been mentioned 
previously in the list, and its a fairly simple addition to the contact 

I've simulated things like pendulums, swings, and lifts, and they work 
fine in collisions with real bodies.  Its ideal for situations where you 
having a moving object that interacts with the rest of ODE but is not 
affected itself.


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