[ODE] Unit testing

Tom De Muer tom.demuer at skynet.be
Mon Oct 24 16:12:53 MST 2005

J. Perkins wrote:

>I rolled up a bunch of different topics into my meta-post over the
>weekend. I think this particular issue is important enough to warrant
>a separate thread.
>One of the reasons that it is so hard to get a patch into ODE is
>because they are so hard to validate. A comprehensive set of unit
>tests would really help here, and would also help give newcomers more
>confidence in the project as a whole.
>I have a fair amount of experience unit testing in .NET and Java, but
>none in C++, and hence I have a lot of questions. Should we use an
>existing framework, and if so, which one? Noel Llopis recommends
>CxxUnit (see http://www.gamesfromwithin.com/articles/0412/000061.html),
>but that would create a dependency on Perl which I would rather avoid.
>Is there anyone here with experience testing in C++ who would be
>willing to help set up a framework for this project? Any assistance or
>feedback would be most appreciated. I'm willing to document the
>framework and submit a few tests to get the ball rolling. I'll write
>the whole thing if I have to, but I'd rather use that time elsewhere.
boost.test is quite solid, you can find it on www.boost.org.  The boost 
library is also generally regarded as a reference for many things and 
some of the libraries will make it into the new standard, so no worries 
about quality and support.  I'm using it and quite happy with it.

my 2 cents,

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