[ODE] ODE Patches

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Sat Oct 22 21:23:31 MST 2005

Thank you for taking the time, I am currently working on adding native 
convex hull support
to ODE (Not using GJK, in case anyone asks), and I would likelly be 
reviweing autotools, in order
to take out libtool, add support for shared libraries and support to add 
the contribution code as "--enable" flags to it.
Anyway, enought babbling, I don't have much time in my hands, but I'll 
take a look at the patches and see what can I help with.

Again, Thanks.

J. Perkins wrote:

>In an attempt to make myself useful around here, I have sorted through
>the list archives back to April 2004 (when Russ was still active in
>the project), and copied all of the patches that I could find into the
>SourceForge patch manager at:
>   http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=24884&atid=382801
>I will continue to monitor the list and add any new patches that come
>across to the manager.
>The next step is to sort through the existing patches and determine
>which ones have already been applied or rejected. For this, and for
>future patches, it would be nice to have categories like "Unverified",
>"Applied to Unstable", etc. If someone could give me the appropriate
>rights to the SourceForge project I will take care of setting this up.
>If people could take a few minutes and review the list I would really
>appreciate it. If you know that a patch has already been applied, or
>know why a particular patch was rejected, a quick note to that effect
>would really speed things up. Also, and perhaps most important of all:
>if you have tried any of these patches *please* report back on how
>they work. We'll never get any of them applied if people don't provide
>Once the list has been sorted out I will try to pull any additional
>context I can out of the list archives, prioritize them, and then nag
>everyone until they get applied or rejected. Hopefully this helps
>The next thing to do, which should greatly speed up the acceptance of
>patches, is to build a suite of unit tests. I've done a fair amount
>with NUnit but have no experience with C++ unit testing. I would be
>willing to submit some tests for the functions I commonly use if
>someone would put together a test harness, using whatever system they
>are familiar with (anything is better than nothing!)
>If anyone can jump in and help it would most appeciated:
>* review the list of patches in the SourceForge patch manager
>* write guides for creating, submitting, and applying patches on the wiki
>* add a unit testing framework to CVS
>* write unit tests
>Feedback welcomed and encouraged,
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>ODE at q12.org

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