[ODE] cylinder collision. (and correction)

Ron Barry Ron.Barry at Sun.COM
Thu Oct 20 12:56:46 MST 2005

I realize that I was a bit hasty submitting my question -
I should have proofread it better.  My whiteboard even has
a reminder that collisions are dGeom related, but despite
that, I was talking dBodies in my question about collision.

To describe what I need:  lay out coins of all different
types on a desk surface.  They collide and effect each
other along their edges, but they lie flat on a surface.

The capped cylinder wouldn't behave properly for me on the
surcace and hopefully you can see why spheres wouldn't
approximate my need either.

I currently have a solution that gets me close enough for
now, but if my requirements deepen at all, I'm going to
be playing with getting the cylinders in.... =]

	thanks, all!


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