[ODE] Trimesh

Jon Watte (ODE) hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Oct 20 10:26:28 MST 2005

In general, OPCODE (the triangle collider in ODE) does a better job of 
partitioning than you. Thus, I'd just throw the entire mesh at ODE and 
make it deal with it. That many triangles will use a bit of memory, but 
not so much that it's a problem on a modern machine.


			/ h+

Anders Olofsson wrote:

> I'm going to play a little with trimeshes soon, I have a mesh with lots 
> of triangles (966896 or so) representing the ground, will ODE handle 
> that much triangles with ease or do I have to partion up it or something 
> before I send it to ODE? Whats the "best" strategy, what kind of space 
> to use? and so on. Guessing on quadtree, the ground mesh is fairly flat 
> with no or little overhang. The mesh is a TIN (Triangulated Irregular 
> Network), so triangles have different sizes and shapes.

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