[ODE] center of mass

Guillaume Jouffroy oxymore at tele2.fr
Wed Oct 19 20:50:22 MST 2005

Sorry for second posting, the question has been in another subject, 
don't know why.
Hope this time it will work

I have a problem to clearly understand the center of mass position. So I 
will ask these
questions to try to have it limpid :-/

1. Imagine I want to build an object composed of 2 cylinders (2 geoms), 
the cylinders
are linked to each other at one extremity, and form a 90 degree angle.
Where will be the rigidbody if I create this geom structure if I attach 
these 2 geoms to the rigidbody ?

2. Is the center of mass at the "middle" of a geom the default ?

3. how to compute the center of mass of the whole object ? (should the 
rigidbody and the center of mass
coincide ?)

4. Actually I don't really understand this part of the test_boxstack 
example :
// move all encapsulated objects so that the center of mass is (0,0,0)
  for (k=0; k<2; k++) {
   dGeomSetPosition (g2[k],
   dMassTranslate (&m,-m.c[0],-m.c[1],-m.c[2]);

Just above this code the mass of the geoms are already translated and 
rotated like the geoms are.
So ??? @@@#"~""é"'é~#{

Please enlight me :'(

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