[ODE] architectural simulation

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Sun Oct 16 09:28:08 MST 2005

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From: Peter Oost <h.b.oost at student.utwente.nl>
Subject: Re: [ODE] architectural simulation
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There is both OgreODE and GangstaWrapper. They are both ade by the same
person and he no longer supports OgreODE (which is more or less finished
and usable) in favor of the GangstaWrapper which also supports various
other physics engines but is not nearly finished.
Delta3D on the other hand seems quite mature and I like the OSG. I'm
currently using Delta3D and will most likely drop my own OSG/ODE binder.


By the way, if anyone has some ideas how to better utilize ODE in
Delta3D, please let us know!

Erik Johnson
Research Associate: MOVES Institute
Lead Engineer: Delta3D
rejohnso at nps.edu

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