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Eugen Lofing lofing at gmx.net
Wed Oct 12 16:06:35 MST 2005

OK, thank you very much!

I tried it - it must be right. But dosn't work by me
because I probably have problem with my input parameter - I have euler
angles, so I just tried to divide it euler vector by "norm" to normalize
this vector, but in euler its several, I guess.

do somebody know how to convert euler angles vector to ode-compatible
unit vector? I guess, by this function

void dGeomRaySet (dGeomID ray, dVector3 start, dVector3 dir);

is parameter dir a unit lenght vector, isn't it?

my input:
rot - has euler notation of angles 
float norm = sqrt(rot[0]*rot[0] + rot[1]*rot[1] + rot[2]*rot[2]);
rot[0] /= norm;
rot[1] /= norm;
rot[2] /= norm;

dGeomRaySet(..., rot[0], rot[1], rot[2]);

Thank you once more.

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