[ODE] Re: ODE Digest, Vol 26, Issue 8

Nagymathe Denes denes at invictus.hu
Wed Oct 12 08:51:12 MST 2005

> I could have sworn it's already in the documentation... and the FAQ.
> Cheers,

...where? :o)

I've just opened ode.pdf from the v0.5 pack and searched for 'units' 
(simulating the typical 'newbie behavior' :), and the results are: 'should i 
scale my units to be around 1.0' (different issue), and a comment for 
dWorldSetGravity (stating that the units for _gravity_ are m/s/s, what's not 
Same results with the .doc and .html.

What might be obvious for you or me, but not necessarily for a beginner. I 
might not be 100% up-to-date with the latest developments, correct me if 
it's included since 0.5...
There can be something about it if this many people are asking the very same 

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