[ODE] Feedback for joint motors

Peter Kyme pk at dneg.com
Wed Oct 5 14:47:18 MST 2005


thanks for your thoughts. If I understand you correctly the force 
feedback for the dxJointLimitMotor is included with the feedback for 
parent joint. However I need the forces specifically applied by the 
motor, which I guess it not possible (as it stands).

Jaroslav Sinecky wrote:
> Hi,
> just from quick look at the code I think the feedback should work for
> motored joint same as for any other. The effect of dxJointLimitMotor is all
> included in jointGetInfo2 and hence in the Jacobian. But I can't speek from
> my experience.
> Try using dWorldStep if you get strange feedback values using QuickStep,
> maybe you'll need a joint feedback patch.
> Let me know if it helps.
> Jaroslav
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>>Am I correct in understanding that it is not currently possible to get
>>feedback for joint motors unless you create a separate angular motor as
>>a replacement for the dxJointLimitMotor structs included with most joints?
>>I need the forces applied by the motor to implement static friction in
>>hinges/universal joints.
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