[ODE] geoms having the same position

Piotr Obrzut piotr_obrzut at o2.pl
Tue Oct 4 14:36:58 MST 2005

Hi Ryan,

Tuesday, October 4, 2005, 1:44:46 PM, you wrote:

ROC> Hi, there is still basic collision testing like bounding boxes happening in
ROC> OPCODE. No code in the callback just means you won't have any collision
ROC> response and you won't have more accurate collision detection happening. Not
ROC> sure how to speed it up though, sorry.

I've suspected this, what I wanted to have are colliders
interpenetrating each other but affecting only other colliders/bodies.
So now I'm looking for method that will disable collision detection
for them in OPCODE. thanks

ROC>  I've 1223 geoms having the same position (all are in one hash space,  and
ROC> NearCallback contents are commented so ther shouldn't be any  collision
ROC> checking for that geoms) and it all runs VERY SLOW (frame per minute or
ROC> so...).
ROC>  What can I do with that?

 Piotr Obrzut

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