[ODE] Simulations running in real time?

Mark Wayland mwayland at torus.com.au
Tue Mar 29 00:31:54 MST 2005

Using a fixed timeslice for world stepping simply means the simulation is
advanced by that amount of time in each call to the stepping code. On fast
computers, that call will be more frequent than on slow ones. Simply
throttle your application using any one of the million examples out there on
the 'net - for example you may wish to use QueryPerformanceCounter and/or
timeGetTime on Windows (note that there's a bug in some PCI components that
make QueryPerformanceCounter jump ahead or back 5 seconds or something -
there's a Microsoft tech note on how to address it, should you wish your sim
to be robust on all Win32 systems).


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Hello there I'm trying to get my simulation to run in real time,

Basically the problem I'm having at the moment is that the simulation is
running at different speeds on different computers. I'm working in C++ and
using the drawStuff interface.

I'm also noticing that by changing the dWorldStep value the motion varies
quite considerably, whereas I'd expected to run simply faster or slower ?

Thanks for any advice



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