[ODE] Re: ODE on multiplayer games

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Wed Mar 23 11:39:26 MST 2005

> gradually, what's to stop the case where you update box A (but not box
> B), where box A's updated position interpenetrates with box B's local
> position, causing a local physics explosion, then you update box B,

You know the position and velocity of box A at the time of the update. 
You can, if you want to, make it immune to other interactions for a brief 
while after getting the update. Especially if you know objects are at 
rest (disabled) on the server, you can make that quite sticky in the 
distribution, so if it interpenetrates with B, B will go flying, but not 

You can also dampen any velocity imparted by directly colliding with an 
object that's being moved because it's updated.

None of these solutions are perfect, of course, but they mitigate. You 
can also attempt to add physical forces/constraints to bring the updated 
object in line with there it ought to be over time, rather than trying 
to do it with a big snap. What works best for you really depends on your 
game and environment.


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