[ODE] ODE for Flying Vehicle Physics

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 18:24:47 MST 2005

Yep, most definately.

As a personal example, I have a concept I call "repulsors" built into
my current system.  What these are are ODE rays, cast in whatever
direction, that apply a force in the direction of the ray proportional
to the amount the ray is penetrating a surface.

Attach these to the visualization of a jointed pad on the bottom of
the vehicle, and they make really cool little "hover pads" (think
Matrix-type hovercraft) that you can tilt to change the direction and
amount of force.

... but beyond that, you could also make planes, or anything else you
like, through the application of forces - mind that you will need to
simulate air drag yourself, though, as ODE has no automatic handling
of it.

-Megan Fox

> Can ODE be used for flying vehicle phyics like jets, helicopters, hover cars, etc.?
> Thanks
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