[ODE] funny ODE animation

Peter Kyme pk at dneg.com
Wed Jun 22 10:45:39 MST 2005

Megan Fox wrote:
> Whenever I've tried dynamic trimeshes, they've absolutely exploded in
> my face.  Static trimeshes?  They worked flawlessly, from day one, but
> moving trimeshes... eeeh, not so pleasant things.
> It might have just been my own systems (and really, it probably was -
> it has been every time I've had a major glitch thus far), but I was
> under the general impression that dynamic trimeshes were not so usable
> for other parties as well?

I've had no problems so far with dynamic trimeshes interacting with 
other geometry primitives. Trimesh-trimesh I can't get to work properly 
at all.

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