[ODE] Importing ODE into games?

Marcus Meng aenslad.mackenzie at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 23:39:04 MST 2005


I'm considering taking on a project with some of my friends to
implement a third-party physics system into a game (Doom 3, to be
precise). We all have decent amounts of programming experience, but
since we haven't really worked much with physics packages in the past,
this should be an interesting undertaking for us.

However, it's always useful to have information before one starts, and
we'd like to get the opinion of the people who have had more
experience in these sorts of matters. The first thing is of
practicality -- how well is ODE able to handle large systems? We've
done a few tests, but they mainly amounted to creating large systems
of all sorts of shapes and tossing things around a bit. I understand
that there are several games using ODE, but since none of us have
tried them out, we are not sure how much load that has placed on ODE

That's really the only question we have at the moment. Any help would
be appreciated very much.
Marcus Meng
aenslad DOT mackenzie AT gmail DOT com

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