[ODE] Is it time to accept dcyl2 contribution?

Megan Fox shalinor at gmail.com
Fri Feb 25 08:24:19 MST 2005

Doesn't the dCylinder2 have trouble with falling through solid
surfaces when it meets them plane-on with its top or bottom?

(that is - when the flat top or bottom of the dCylinder2 is co-planar
with the colliding surface, doesn't it have issues with falling
through the colliding surface)

I also thought it was missing a collider for one or more of the other geoms?

-Megan Fox

> Hello,
> In the cvs contrib dir, there is a contribution by Nguyen Binh
> for non-capped regular cylinders, called dCylinder2
> I've been using them with ODE, and I've found them to be stable
> and usable.
> Currently, adding dCyl2 to ODE is an akward procedure: you
> have to follow a lot of steps to get it into ODE. The later
> supplied patch file from Adam is not complete, as it fails to
> do addCollider for meshes, and does not patch the Makefile.
> Instead of fixing this patchfile in the contrib dir, I propose to
> adopt dCyl2 into ODE proper. (to the CVS tree at least), so
> that it can be further tested, and then added to releases.
> So, what do the maintainers think of this?
> Yours Sincerely,
>   Bram Stolk
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