[ODE] Jobs at NaturalMotion (Oxford UK)

Mathew Best Mathew.Best at naturalmotion.com
Thu Feb 24 15:06:07 MST 2005

Dear All,

This may be a bit unusual for this mailing list, and I hope you don’t mind,
but NaturalMotion (an animation/simulation company based in Oxford, UK) is
looking to hire some more people who have experience in using physics
engines such as ODE, especially those people who have experience in putting
together and controlling articulated human-like characters.

You can find details of the currently available positions on our careers
page at:

If you find using AI to control simulated humans exciting then mail me:
‘Mathew.best at naturalmotion.com’ for more details, or drop your CV into
‘Careers at naturalmotion.com’ and we will get back to you.


Mathew Best

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