[ODE] AMD64: OPCODE cast from 64 bits pointer to 32 bits integer

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Wed Feb 23 09:49:24 MST 2005

> What I want to mean is that we don't know if the bad solution is going 
> to be slower. In fact, because of the offset system, the good solution 
> may be actually the slowest!!!

Runtime of almost any modern system is dominated by the amount of memory 
you touch. It doesn't matter if the cache is bigger; you're going to slurp 
more cache lines into it when your data is bigger, which is where the time 
gets lost.

Thus, I disagree with your analysis of "it probably doesn't matter".

However, I agree with your analysis of "something that works is better 
than nothing at all," so if you have to time to make it, and contribute 
the patch (without slowing down the 32-bit path) then I suggest you do.


			/ h+

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