[ODE] Compiling ODE on QNX x86 (fix included)

Tanguy Fautre tanguy.fautre at spaceapplications.com
Wed Feb 23 13:51:27 MST 2005


A few days ago I tried to compile ODE + OPCODE on QNX Neutrinos 6.3 for 
x86. Using qcc (gcc 3.3 + Dinkum C++ std lib), the compilation would 
fail at two places in one specific file: collision_quadtreespace.cpp

The compiler fails to find the proper version of pow() to be used for 
lines 354 and 387.
The compiler is looking for std::pow(int, int) but there is no 
appropriate version. So instead, it should be looking for std::pow(real, 

This can be fixed by changing:
	BlockCount += (int)pow(SPLITS, i);
	BlockCount += (int)pow(dReal(SPLITS), i);

Although, note that I have not tested this code back on a "regular" 
Linux x86.
Also, as far as QNX is concerned, I cannot compile the OpenGL examples 
(it requires you to buy a specific toolkit from QNX); so while I got 
ODE+OPCODE to compile, there is no way I can see whether it is really 



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