[ODE] Portability of ODE+OPCODE

Frederic Marmond zebarbuc at free.fr
Tue Feb 22 18:36:02 MST 2005

I'm not the right person to answer, but I can tell that there is some assembly 
parts (but very few, and isolated, so you can easily port it to different 
Actually, it works on x86 (32bits) (and perhapse other archs, I don't know)

OPCODE has a constraint for now, in that sens that you must have 32bits 

I said I'll make the port for AMD64, but I just didn't ffind the time to do 

Le mardi 22 Février 2005 17:58, Jose Marin a écrit :
> Hello!
> I would like to know what platforms ODE and OPCODE
> where ported!
> We will start a multi-platform project, and would like
> to use ODE+OPCODE.
> Thanks!
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Frederic Marmond

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