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THD apt at home.se
Sun Feb 20 23:10:48 MST 2005

ah, yes, I found it in the documentation as well, gotta learn to look
harder next time :P
	But still my framerate gets low when I add lots of objects. I
check if the geom got a bodyId of 0 in my callback to speed up things,
but when I add like 100 geoms, my framerate goes down to 2 fps. Any clue
how to speed things up?

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From: Arturo Colorado Garín <acolorado at telefonica.net>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 17:30:02 +0100

> > But how do I position and rotate geoms? Seems I must associate a body
> > with them to do that, then they will be affected by gravity and collide
> > with my big trimesh.
> No, you have to associate the geoms to the bodyID = 0 with 
> dSetGeomBody(dGeomID, 0). That is, no body associated to the geoms. To 
> position and rotate geoms use the geom functions dGeomSetPosition() and 
> dGeomSetRotation() / dGeomSetQuaternion().
> Cheers,
> --Arturo Colorado
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