[ODE] Development status of ODE?

Adam D. Moss adam at gimp.org
Sat Feb 19 16:31:35 MST 2005

Alex Rubinsteyn wrote:
> I'm sorry if this question is answered somewhere else on the website...I couldn't 
> find it. Can someone tell me if ODE is currently being developed? I didn't see any 
> new check-ins in the CVS...

Sporadically, yes.  Russ is the main developer and he's still
around, but insanely tied-up with non-ODE things lately
I think.

A few other people have CVS checkin priviledges but aren't
exceptionally active (again probably very busy).  Patches
submitted to this mailing list will often (but not always)
filter through to CVS when people with CVS access have time
to spot and test them...

It's maybe not an ideal set-up, but ODE does generally move
forward rather than backwards.

Adam D. Moss   -   adam at gimp.org

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