[ODE] Trimesh Collisions in ODE

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ODE uses OPCODE which generates an AABB tree. I think this should be fast
enough for you project.


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I am using ODE as a dynamics solution in a game our
class is making. I had originally intended to use a
3rd-party collision engine, but that is just not
panning out.

Instead I thought I could be a little more clever
about generating contacts using ODE's trimesh

My existing code breaks down a trimesh into a series
of hierarchical bounding boxes, each containing a
segment of the trimesh, similar to a 3-level octree.
This allows me to quickly find which segments of two
models may be intersecting.

Onto the questions:

- Does ODE's trimesh collision do this already (using
BSP cuts or similar)?

- Could I achieve the same hierarchical approach using
spaces within spaces within spaces, or dould this be
prohibitively slow?

Any help would be appreciated.

Philip Mayes

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