[ODE] Combining (low-level) physical simulation and (high-level) AI/user control (long text :-)

Remi.Coulom Remi.Coulom at univ-lille3.fr
Mon Feb 14 16:12:19 MST 2005

Tyler Streeter wrote:

>I'm not sure if using genetic algorithms for training/optimization is
>the best method for more complex behaviors.  Lately I've been
>researching other learning techniques (e.g. temporal difference
>learning, see Reinforcement Learning by Sutton & Barto) that seem more
>biologically plausible (see papers by Wolfram Schultz on reward
>signals in the brain).

You may find my PhD thesis useful:

I managed to use reinforcement learning to teach a 2D dynamical system 
to swim. Interactive demos (for Windows) are provided on the link above.

I am now trying to connect my reinforcement learning algorithms to ODE.


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