[ODE] high resolution dTerrain problems

Sergey Beloshitsky sergey at rostok-games.com.ua
Fri Feb 11 12:16:28 MST 2005

I think the best solution is to lower resolution back, I also had such 
problems with high resolution dterrain
There is also aother approach: use dTriMeshGeom, currently I use it 
instead of dTerrain
Eric Buchanan wrote:

> I'm currently writing a simulation involving a four wheeled vehicle 
> rolling across a dTerrain. Anyway, things work well and are stable 
> when i use a 512x512 sample over 100 square meters.
> When I bump the resolution upto 1024x1024 problems begin to arise (one 
> wheel dips through the mesh, the rover jitters and jumps around,etc) 
> Anyone have any ideas how to reduce this jittering? I've been fooling 
> with my ERP and max contacts with little success.
> For the record I use the following parameters
> MaxContacts = 24
> Collision ERP = 0.75
> Collision CFM = 0.001
> Global ERP = 0.7
> Global CFM = 0.001
> Eric Buchanan
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