[ODE] Worst Case Scenario

Geoff Carlton gcarlton at iinet.net.au
Tue Feb 8 09:17:57 MST 2005

I do exactly that, but then its a crazy micromachines type game where 
the objects die when crushed and when they fall off anyway.

In general, I found exploding almost always happens due to conflicting 
contacts.  Particularly the edges of triangles would catch the bodies 
and with a few pointing in different directions the object would trip 
up, which looks odd even if it doesn't explode.  In my case I stored all 
contacts for the object and then sorted through them, averaging or 
eliminating some of them (in my case, I had lots of separate trimesh 
geoms, so the bits of code inside ODE to sort through duplicates on a 
geom-geom basis didn't help much).

You could always store a duplicate set of {pos,lvel,avel} and poke them 
into any body that acts up.. Might work, who knows? :-)


mucki wrote:

> Hi!
>   I am using ODE in our 3d engine for physics, and I have already 
> added some code to improve overall stability (like linear and angular 
> dampening to improve auto-disable or contact count limits). But still 
> it might happen that ODE simulations explode. The question I have is: 
> What do you do in your games when ODE explodes ? When only secondary 
> actors are affected, then it is possible to just remove them from the 
> scene, or fake something, but what if the main actor explodes ? You 
> cannot remove a race car from the game, just because the collision 
> with an obstacle resulted in explosion :)
> mucki
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