[ODE] Character Collision with primitives 2

Piotr Obrzut piotr_obrzut at o2.pl
Sun Feb 6 13:57:42 MST 2005


6 lutego 2005 (12:01:07) Jeroen wrote:

JvdB> I have one character who's movement is controlled by inverse kinematics.

JvdB> I want to able to touch objects with the hands and fingers of the character.

JvdB> So I assume I need to represent characters meshes by cylinders?

JvdB> Is there an example available how to represent a characters, which is made
JvdB> out of bones and skinning, trought cylinders?

JvdB> I think I need to do:
JvdB> 1. setup the cylinders
JvdB> 2. Then for each framestep:
JvdB>   transform their orientation and position according to the bones.

JvdB> Any help would be appreciated.

I'm working on sth similar. I use box collider for each bone
bbox: At the begining they are bboxes for initial skeleton pos, then
I'm updating positions of colliders (according to bone positions)
when I need collision detection. But I'm still testing it so I can't
show you anything nice now ( I can only say that it looks that it should work:
I'm only displaing those boxes).

 Piotr Obrzut

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