[ODE] tips on stablizing chain links?

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Thu Feb 3 18:26:36 MST 2005

Just search the latest manual for "dampening".


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Could you elaborate more on the dampening? How do i go about doing
it....do I add a counter-force outside of the stepworld?


On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 09:03:52 -0800, Jon Watte <hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org> wrote:
> The problem is likely that you have a loop of dependencies,
> and the solver won't be able to solve for all of them at the
> same time.
> Increasing CFM and decreasing ERP will probably make it converge
> better, because it allows for more slop in the solution. Also,
> make sure you are dampening each body, both linear and angular
> velocity.
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> Hi, I've to lift a body connected by two chains all made of universal joints
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> which looks like my crude ascii diagram. The way I've arranged it is a
> long loop of linked bodies, with the middle one being the body that
> connects to the cable(simple slider joint).
> The simulation is  stable without the addition of the chains, after
> adding the chains, the simulation sorta becomes weird. The chain
> joints are not stablizing well, and there appear to be high torque at
> various joints.
> Are there any tips to creating stable chain links of say 10> joints?
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