[ODE] tips on stablizing chain links?

Jon Watte hplus-ode at mindcontrol.org
Tue Feb 1 09:03:52 MST 2005

The problem is likely that you have a loop of dependencies, 
and the solver won't be able to solve for all of them at the 
same time.

Increasing CFM and decreasing ERP will probably make it converge 
better, because it allows for more slop in the solution. Also, 
make sure you are dampening each body, both linear and angular 


			/ h+

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Hi, I've to lift a body connected by two chains all made of universal joints
  /  \
/      \

which looks like my crude ascii diagram. The way I've arranged it is a
long loop of linked bodies, with the middle one being the body that
connects to the cable(simple slider joint).
The simulation is  stable without the addition of the chains, after
adding the chains, the simulation sorta becomes weird. The chain
joints are not stablizing well, and there appear to be high torque at
various joints.

Are there any tips to creating stable chain links of say 10> joints? 

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