[ODE] Patches

Marco Grubert mgrubert at conitec.net
Tue Dec 13 14:26:07 MST 2005

> Where did this patch appear? Did it go through the mail list? Also I 
> didn't
> find it in the SF patch manager. Just asking because I think it's good to 
> be
> informed of changes like this, maybe someone can comment on this or we can
> suspect something if things stop working after checking out last UNSTABLE.

I think I posted it to the mailing list before, but I don't know when.

> Particulary this one changes the depth value in every trimesh-sphere 
> contact
> which is a thing a lot of people have been using for a long time without
> problems.

Well, just give it a try. I am using a testbed with a car and 4 spheres as 
wheels and a square trimesh that's 6 times the length of the car made up of 
136x136 vertices. Both with and without the patch the car will bounce a 
little bit, but with the patch the bounciness is reduced by 30%.

- Marco 

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