[ODE] If you ever have any issues with the XODE spec...

George Birbilis birbilis at kagi.com
Thu Dec 8 04:19:58 MST 2005

The link to ODEJava you have at your XODE page takes one to some info on

Use this link instead:

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If you ever have any issues with the XODE spec please email this list and CC
me directly.  I don't read the list emails as much as I would like (got a
full time job now), so CC'ing me will make sure you get my attention.

Currently the web site http://tanksoftware.com/xode/ doesn't really have a
good list of XODE implementing programs.  I know of a few (such as KODE), so
if you have something you would like me to link to please email me directly
and I will add the link in.

It might be a good idea to clean up some of the remaining issues with the
spec (e.g. tri-meshes) and release a 1.0 version at some stage.



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