[ODE] Initial conditions problem

Peter Yamamoto yamamotop at page44.com
Wed Dec 7 18:19:39 MST 2005

FYI My problems were on the user side, not ode side.

I was calculating input values and expected values and they didn't seem
to be jiving with the ode simulation... because of bugs in the

It's not necessarily the issue of what to feed ODE as long as it's clear
what needs to be converted/how.

Force + stepsize/duration aren't as intuitive parameters as an initial
velocity when trying to hit something/make simple

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ODE is all about forces / acceleration. Directly feeding it velocities
can be done but is considered bad practice and can lead to
instabilities. The alternative to impulse movement is applying a huge
force for a brief duration, but that can also mess things up. Thus the
best approach: apply a medium force over a period of time until your
projectile reaches the desired velocity.

- Marco Grubert 

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