[ODE] LCP internal error, s <= 0

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Mon Dec 5 02:48:35 MST 2005

Marco Grubert wrote:
> Hello,
> Despite not having made any major code changes in the past 6 months I am now 
> suddenly encountering lots of s<=0 error messages that have never occured in 
> the past years.
> The LCP solver algorithm is beyond me and I am not sure what is causing this 
> issue. Could anyone suggest some good points to check so that I can pin down 
> the problem ?

With what version of ODE?
CVS, or CVS-Unstable?

When did it first occur, after a cvs update?
At what date?

Can you run all the examples that come with ODE, to see if they
all work?


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