[ODE] Syncing ODE over a Network

Dave Kerr aidave at telus.net
Fri Dec 2 19:27:10 MST 2005

thanks, I have previously found that page by doing a search :)

Right now I get good results if I continuously sync the objects,
but even then its quite odd how dramatically a different path
the objects can take the moment after a collision.

I havent studied the ODE code so I dont know if its random numbers causing 
this or not.

So I want to compile a version of ODE that is geared towards predictability

cheers :)

> Check out this page: http://ode.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SaveAndRestoreHowTo
> You can also search the archives, this topic has been discussed. In any 
> case
> you need to send as many decimal places as your numbers can store (float
> resp. double) (sending them in their binary representation is the best
> IMHO). If there is difference even just on the last decimal place, you can
> finally arrive at really different results.
> Jaroslav
> ************ 

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