[ODE] Assertion Problem when using Dcylinder2 for Wheels

Bram Stolk bram at sara.nl
Thu Dec 1 05:11:46 MST 2005

kurimail wrote:
> Hey Bram! Here it is the assertion message i am getting:
> assertion "Index >= 0 && Index < (Flags & 0x0ffff)" failed in
> ode/src/collision_util.h
> I am getting it at random places and i think it is only when using
> dcylinder2 as wheel geoms with dcylinder mass.

I take it is your own app?
Does the cyl test from cvs work for you?

Also, if you break up the assertion,
we can find out if the index is too small or too large.


  assert(Index >= 0);
  assert(Index < (Flags & 0x0ffff));

If it's the latter, I would print out Flags, to see what they are.


> Cheers, KuRi.
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