[ODE] Not A Number problems

Gopi Prashanth gprashanth at Heavy-Iron.com
Mon Apr 25 13:44:15 MST 2005

Here is what I did with a similar problem, if you put a conditional
breakpoint in the simulation step and check for nan you will see that always
rotational speed will go to nan long before linear velocity. This was the
cause of my woes. To fix it I damped rotational speed and capped the
rotational speed as well. This fixed my problem. Hope it helps,


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Hi All,

Continuing to explore my problem, I've
scaled my world down so every object
is around 1.0 in size, alas, it did not
help. In fact, the NaN problem results
in objects popping out of my scene,
which is not surprising but is unhappy.

I've made a quicktime movie
of the phenomenon and put it at:
it's just 54 Kb, the quality is very low

thanks for any help.


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