Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Sun Apr 17 17:14:06 MST 2005

Hi Harald,

Well your help will be great, I guess what I really want would be to 
make FreeSOLID play along
with ODE, I am not sure how much work would that entail, but basically 
the idea is to use FreeSOLID and implement the functionality that may be 
required as you go.

As with ODE I am thinking "add SIMD support", and there is a reported 
bug here:


which I would like to see squashed.

Seems like http://www.genecys.org/ is using FreeSOLID, so its not as 
dead as I thought it was.

Anyway I created a list for FreeSOLID users at sourceforge here:


wouldnt seem fair to discuss issues not related to ODE on this list :)


Harald Schmid wrote:

> Hi Rodrigo,
> I am interested in working with you on FreeSOLID. I will have time in 
> May 2005.
> What did you want to improve or change on the original package?
> Yours,
> Harald

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