[ODE] Autotools added to UNSTABLE

Tanguy Fautre tanguy.fautre at spaceapplications.com
Tue Apr 12 15:34:01 MST 2005


I think my previous email may have been a bit confusing.
I'm actually talking about two completely different issues.

The fact that ODE with autotools is not working here has nothing to do 
with the X86_64_SYSTEM define (I added it afterwards anyway).

Basically it seems that autotools is willing to compile 
drawstuff/dstest/dstest.cpp but is unable to.

I don't really have time to look into it for now; but a wild guess would 
be that this file was not compiled with the default ODE makefile, and 
that now it is automatically compiled by autotools while it's actually 
not needed.

Something that is puzzling me though, is that it complains about unknown 
DrawStuff functions, and yet there are no error message about not being 
able to include the drawstuff header.



Rodrigo Hernandez wrote:
> Ok, done, try again :)
> Just in case the file to edit for changes required in config.h is 
> configure.in.
> Cheers!
> Tanguy Fautre wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just tested it on a Debian AMD64 but could not get it to work (I 
>> have to admit I did not try for long).
>> I do:
>> sh autogen.sh
>> ./configure --with-opcode --with-double-precision --enable-release
>> make
>> The make process generates errors on the first file it compiles:
>> g++ -fomit-frame-pointer -ffast-math -g -O2 
>> -I/home/tfautre/development/ode_unstable_cvs/ode/include 
>> -fomit-frame-pointer -ffast-math -g -O2 -o dstest dstest.o  -lstdc++ -lm
>> dstest.o(.text+0x1a): In function `start()':
>> /home/tfautre/development/ode_unstable_cvs/ode/drawstuff/dstest/dstest.cpp:37: 
>> undefined reference to `dsGetViewpoint'
>> dstest.o(.text+0x37):/home/tfautre/development/ode_unstable_cvs/ode/drawstuff/dstest/dstest.cpp:39: 
>> undefined reference to `dsSetViewpoint'
>> dstest.o(.text+0xc5): In function `simLoop(int)':
>> /home/tfautre/development/ode_unstable_cvs/ode/drawstuff/dstest/dstest.cpp:54: 
>> undefined reference to `dsSetTexture'
>> dstest.o(.text+0x192):/home/tfautre/development/ode_unstable_cvs/ode/drawstuff/dstest/dstest.cpp:63: 
>> undefined reference to `dsSetColor'
>> dstest.o(.text+0x1a9):/home/tfautre/development/ode_unstable_cvs/ode/drawstuff/dstest/dstest.cpp:64: 
>> undefined reference to `dsDrawSphere'
>> dstest.o(.text+0x1b0):/home/tfautre/development/ode_unstable_cvs/ode/drawstuff/dstest/dstest.cpp:66: 
>> undefined reference to `dsSetTexture'
>> [...]
>> PS:
>> On a more cosmetic side, I know this mistake comes from the patch I 
>> applied to configurator.c and timer.cpp, but the 64 bits detection 
>> routine is in fact an x86-64 detection and not a generic 64 bits 
>> detection.
>> To reflect this, I changed the define from "SYS64bits" to 
>> "X86_64_SYSTEM" (as well as the printf messages), which unfortunately 
>> breaks the autotools scripts that still defines SYS64bits instead of 
>> X86_64_SYSTEM.
>> I also suggest you change the output of the configure:
>> "Is the CPU 64bit:"   to   "Is the CPU x86-64:"
>> "checking for a 64 bit processor..."    to    "checking for an x86-64 
>> processor..."
>> Cheers
>> Tanguy
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