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One reason this could be happening if you are using

ODE returns its orientation quaternion as w,x,y,z rather than x,y,z,w by
mixing this ordering you would probably get the visual result you have
described, even though the simulation was running accurately.

Dan S.

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Hello All,

I'm starting to work with ODE.  I have a simple box under gravity colliding
with a plane (floor).  I get a strange behavior where the box some times
settles on its edge.  I see that the box actually penertrates the plane
somewhat then settles on one of its edges.

Any ideas?

Thanks a million.

World.AutoDisable = False
World.AutoDisableAngularThreshold = 0.1
World.AutoDisablelinearThreshold = 0.1
World.CFM = 0.01
World.ERP = 0.8
World.DefaultContact.Mode = World.DefaultContact.Flags.Bounce
World.DefaultContact.Bounce = 0.3
World.DefaultContact.BounceVelocity = 0.05
World.DefaultContact.MU = 100

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