[ODE] Report: performances, OPCODE, x86-64, GCC 4.0, etc.

Pierre Terdiman pierre.terdiman at novodex.com
Tue Apr 5 12:33:12 MST 2005

> the problem that was mentionned by the author
> of OPCODE was that using 64 bits integers (instead of 32 bits one) to
> hold pointer values (note: this is what the aforementioned patch does)
> would slow down OPCODE performances.

It's not really about speed, it's about memory usage. Using 64-bit pointers
in a so-called compressed AABB-tree is a useless waste of bytes, pure and
simple. The possible performance impact is a side-effect of extra cache
misses. I doubt you will notice it with 2000 triangles = ~ 40 Kb for the
tree !

- Pierre

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