SV: [ODE] Laser range finder

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Sat Sep 18 17:15:10 MST 2004

Have you read vid manual at all? Read the part about rays.

Jonas Svegland
Custom Red Software Studios

Ämne:	[ODE] Laser range finder
Från:	"Ivan Tanev" <itanev at>
Datum:		18 september 2004 15:03:00


I am trying to simulate a laser range finder in ODE & GLScene. The laser is
shooting a "ray", which depending on (i) the position and orientation of the
laser and (ii) the position, orientation and size of objects (obstacles, the
ground plane, etc.) in the world may (or may not) "hit" some of these
objects. Could you help me please: how to compute the "length" of such

Thank you,



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