[ODE] Trimesh preprocessing

Aras Pranckevicius nearaz at interamotion.com
Mon Jun 7 10:50:45 MST 2004

> Just so I don't overlap work with anyone, I though I'd mention that
> working on adding trimesh preprocessing, as detailed in the "Fast
> Contact Reduction for Dynamics Simulation" of Game Programming Gems 4.
> Basically it's just marking all the interior and concave edges as
> ignorable (and their vertices).

Cool! The same idea I had a while ago.

> It requires 6 extra bytes of memory for each triangle (I'm using 8 for
> now to make it simpler).  It would be fairly easy to make it optional,
> if some people don't want it.  I'm doing this for work, so it should
> hopefully be done soon.  I'll submit a patch when I'm sure it's
> well.


Aras Pranckevicius aka NeARAZ

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