[ODE] Some SSE in Quick step

tbp ode at ompf.org
Wed Jun 2 16:36:59 MST 2004

Pierre Terdiman wrote:
> Errr, but then it means D3DX doesn't use this instruction at all
I'm sure ie D3DXMatrixMultiply as found in the static lib doesn't use 
anything but the fpu. And i'm also reasonably sure there's no 
SSE/3DNow/etc whatsoever in that static lib.

> or somehow generates the code, because "d3d9.dll" is not "d3dx". It's just not the same
> thing. In particular, "d3d9.dll" won't accelerate your matrix operations...
> (unless they changed something since last time I checked this, of course).
Now when it comes to d3d9.dll, it's hard to say what's really stuffed in 
  there as it's all wrapped up in a COM interface (read it's pretty 
opaque); tho i'm sure there's some SSE/3DNow here and there.

But i'm not gonna trace how/if it's hooked up at runtime as i don't use 
d3dx currently in any project.

Anyway there's only 2 options left:
* no accel
* it's overloaded at runtime; i've picked d3d9.dll as the probable 
source but your guess is as good as mine


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