[ODE] ode test online

samuel girardin samuel.girardin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 21 23:42:33 MST 2004

Hello all,

I've just published my ode test work with Fly3d engine(OpenGl / windows).
 There is a  skinned ragdoll, ragdoll ( complete source), a bonesBox
(complete source),  a car demo
with  full collision bsp support (mix between ode collision and the 3d
engine collision)...I put too videos
of the tests. If it could help, it's cool... I'd like to have feedback about
the simulation speed. I think
I manage to deal with the ode step but not sure...If someone test it :  In
the car test, if you use right
mouse clic you could  change a rate value(1 to 20). This value is put to 8.
(1 increase simulation speed 20..decrease)
 I've tested it on very few computers and it appears the sim is same and
runs normally (if fps>40). But I still have some doubts...


Samuel Girardin

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