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Thu Feb 26 17:56:50 MST 2004

Jon Watte wrote:

> Note that the use of malloc() is still there -- I think there 
> are two orthogonal issues (for something as simple as wrapping 
> alloca()!)

It really is a bad idea to use malloc/calloc/alloc/free in C++
programs.  For one thing, this bypasses any constructors someone
may have written for the object you are making - and for another,
there is danger that you may allocate the space using 'malloc'
and someone else may not realise that an attempt to de-allocate
it with 'delete' (or allocated with 'new' and later 'free'd).

This can result in seriously error-prone code.

If you are writing in C++ you should really try to stick with
new/delete for *all* memory allocations.

> The ## token concatenation has been well supported in ANSI C 
> for at least the last 10 years. I use it daily on GCC3 and 
> MSVC6.

Yeah - it's pretty standard these days.  The only system I've
seen recently that didn't support it was a rather ancient SGI
IRIX-based machine.

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