[ODE] New Physics SDK released

Adam Moravanszky [Novodex] adam.moravanszky at novodex.com
Thu Feb 19 12:13:00 MST 2004

> And, far be it from me to question your licensing policy, but why would
> I want to pay $95 for something that can only ever run on one PC?
> And with no support, not ever, not even via email or a public forum?
> Now if the Personal Edition SDK was free and there was a "Shareware
> Edition SDK" version that allowed me to produce and distribute freeware
> or shareware applications (for, say, $95, plus a percentage of any
> shareware income?) then that would be a different kettle of fish....


To be clear, we're not going to get rich by selling $95 licenses.  This
model is meant for companies who would like to evaluate the tech before
buying a more expensive license.  This has less administrative overhead
than, after some correspondence, giving out evaluations limited to 30 days
as some other middleware companies do.

-- Adam

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