[ODE] keyframe character animation link to a ragdoll

Samuel Girardin samuel.girardin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 18 06:15:56 MST 2004

I succed to manage my stuff.. I had to use between two ragdoll
state(ragdoll, keyframe anim, ragdoll) this code :

dBodySetLinearVel (body[i],0,0,0);
dBodySetAngularVel (body[i],0,0,0);

This for  each body, and I rebuild all joints between two different states.
I think this erase the unwanted forces. But I have some chance (-:  I don't
destroy the joints. I only call  myMakeOdeJoint (the one I call for the
first ode build).

Someone knows Why ode don't crash when I  create some already existing
joints ?

I 've read something in the ode doc about a joint callback to have access to
the forces apply by joint on connected bodies...

Is someone succed  to implement this thing, I 'm sure this the right  method
for my poblem.
It  would be cool if someone could tell me how work  this joint call back, I
will appreciate a little exemple for one joint... (-:



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