[ODE] Geom Transforms hate me

slipch slipch at gsc-game.kiev.ua
Tue Sep 30 18:31:07 MST 2003

Hello Panayoti,

Thursday, September 25, 2003, 9:46:37 PM, you wrote:

P> The code I cut pasted is directly
P> out of the construction of composite objects from the ODE tests...

I think the code in box_demo.cpp does not set right mass center (body
position) because it does not change it when geometry adding. If we
add not zero mass then we change position of mass center so we have to
change body relative positions of all geometries which have already added,
or we have to compute mass center first set body in it and then add all
geometries (see also Russ's comments in the thread).
So it is normal if you do not see right behavior.

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